Happy New Year?!

In this article, I am discussing what impact the last year of this decade lefts upon whole humanity and also what we have to expect from the upcoming year.

Literally, this year will renowned as one of the worst years for humanity. Let start with what we gain and what we lose in this going year.

What Humanity Lost In 2020

Australian Bushfire, Iran-Pakistan Airplane Crash

So, let just rewind what’s the worst things that happened in 2020. This year started from the heartbreaking news of the Bush fire in Australia which almost killed 10+ peoples and also burns 10 million hectares of land. After this heart-wrenching news, another news came out which was about the airplane crashed in Iran and Pakistan in which a large number of peoples died.

Global Pandemic Corona Virus Disease

After these two depressing news, the global media alarmed the whole world from the challenge of the global pandemic disease named Corona Virus (Covid–19). According to the Worldometer (https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/) because of this disease till the last day of this year more than 1.8 million people caused death including the biggest celebrities from the whole world and almost 83 million people got infected with this virus.

Lots of countries went into a lockdown because of which poverty increased, also many graduated people did not find their jobs. Due to global lockdown, many firms went into financial loss and because of this they unemployed their employees, due to this the rate of unemployment exceptionally rises especially in third-world countries.

George Floyd death

In the middle of this year a video viral about a person named George Floyd who was brutally killed by Policemen because of racism. And due to this viral video, the streets of the USA became crowded from the Americans chanting slogans ”Black Lives Matters”, as this whole scenario happened during a global pandemic when the majority of countries were locked down, the whole world became more depressed upon the assaulting of a person just because of racism.

Beirut Explosion

One of the most heart-shattering news not only for this year but for the 21st century is the news of a deadly explosion in Beirut, Lebanon. This incident happened in 4th of August, 2020 because of which more than 3 lac peoples became homeless also 204 peoples died and 6500 injuries occurred and this explosion considered similarly worse explosion happened in the last world war.

These above mentions incidents are the globally devastating incidents in which almost every human being felt the pain of every other human being.

Global Achievements in 2020

The peoples of the whole world start connecting emotionally with each other. Because of the George Floyd issue whole world realizes till this modern age there are many symptoms of racism in the Super Power of the world means the USA. And after realizing this whole world start writing slogans like Black Lives Matter and Muslim Lives Matter has a message of peace and harmony between every human being. Also, human beings see the reality that as we are searching for life in space and doing the biggest things in the field of science but in reality, we are not saved in our own planet only a tiny germ can take our life. Lots of people who due to many reasons could not spend time with their families, during lockdown spent time with their families.

Youngsters start learning from online platforms. Freelancers earn a lot of money, as well as the whole world, started focusing on E-commerce.

And finally, some big pharmaceutical companies discover the cure or vaccine of the coronavirus which is just like a ray of light for the bright future of this planet.

Expectation from 2021

As this year ends many peoples intake a sigh of relief and start thinking positively for future but as we all have to know that another variant of Covid-19 found from the UK which turns the eyes of intellectuals towards the reality that this Pandemic is still not comes to end. So, I think we just hope for a beautiful year but we have to prepare for the difficulties which we might have to face in the upcoming year. Similarly while celebrating happy new year's night we have to remember those who left this world because of the above mention incidents or because of the pandemic and also their families.

In conclusion, I cannot say goodbye to 2020 as this was the worst year and also cannot welcome 2021 with an open arm as Corona Virus is still present in this world. Peace be upon the whole universe and best wishes for humanity. Thank you.




I am a human being who loves drawing, writing, and has a life dream of a world tour. Till today, my belief is "Be thankful to God for all the blessings".

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Ali Subhan

Ali Subhan

I am a human being who loves drawing, writing, and has a life dream of a world tour. Till today, my belief is "Be thankful to God for all the blessings".

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